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When you’ve been betrayed by an attorney, you need serious legal help—right away. But you’ve already been burned once. How do you know who to turn to? How do you know who to trust?

At Tennessee Legal Malpractice, we are devoted to helping victims of malpracticing lawyers recover money damages for their loss. Attorneys Ed Graves and David Day have over 50 years combined experience holding negligent attorneys accountable for their actions. We know what it takes to recover money damages for victims of legal malpractice and work diligently to obtain justice on behalf of our clients.

Our Tennessee legal malpractice lawyers not only have handled many lawsuits protecting victims’ rights, but Attorneys Edward M. Graves, Jr., and David Day are board certified as Diplomates in the field of Legal Malpractice by the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys (which is recognized by the American Bar Association as the certifying board for this area of law in the United States). They have settled legal malpractice cases before suit is filed. They have mediated settlement in complex legal malpractice actions while suit is pending. They have prepared and conducted trials involving legal malpractice.

Experience is one of the factors Tennessee Legal Malpractice, LLC, has working for you. In their careers, they have sued sole practitioners as well as some of the largest law firms in the State of Tennessee. They have sued attorneys from out of state of who have committed legal malpractice in Tennessee. They have had trial cases involving older, experienced lawyers who deny their wrongdoing, and obtained awards for compensatory damages and punitive damages.

Each case is dependent upon its own facts. The results obtained on behalf of a client or former client are no guarantee that similar can be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case. The result in your case will depend on the facts, circumstances and law of your case. Like all attorneys, the lawyers at Tennessee Legal Malpractice, LLC, cannot guarantee you a result, but they can assure you that they will aggressively pursue your claim.

Determining if you have a valid malpractice claim is often complex; it takes keen insight, research and evaluation to determine if an attorney did, in fact, commit legal malpractice. It also takes experience. Many attorneys who do not regularly handle legal malpractice law overlook critical factors in legal malpractice claims. One key issue frequently misunderstood by lawyers is Tennessee’s confusing and sometimes complex statute of limitations. For instance, you generally cannot wait until your attorney “fixes” a problem by going through a trial or pursuing an appeal and then make a claim for legal malpractice. By then it is often too late.

If you suspect that your attorney was negligent, unethical, unscrupulous or otherwise unfit, the lawyers at Tennessee Legal Malpractice can help!

Time is of the essence in legal malpractice cases. You only have a limited amount of time to file a claim against an attorney who wronged you. Get your case evaluated by one of our Tennessee legal malpractice lawyers before it’s too late!

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